Antique Furniture restoration

Repair of Furniture is to clean up or do some little polishing and other cosmetic repairs so that the old furniture is back in a position to be used.  Restoration mainly deals with cleaning and making the outer look of the furniture to look better. There is no mending of change of wood done during restoration.

Antique Furniture restoration


In this article we will be discussing:

  • Things to consider before you restore your furniture.
  • Tools needed to restore the antique furniture.
  • Steps to restore antique furniture.

Things to consider before you restore your furniture:

Restoring your old furniture can take a lot of time and money thus before restoring your furniture you need to make sure if your furniture needs restoration and if it is worth spending the time and effort in restoring the furniture.

The following are the things you need to consider before you restore your furniture:

  • Does restoring the furniture make the furniture better or does it make it worse? We need to check if the furniture will regain its original quality or remain the same or lose its potential after being restored.
  • Make sure not to erase the name of the craftsman if he was a likely one. If the furniture is ancient and was used by many famous people and if there are labels on the furniture which depicts the time or name, make sure not to erase it.
  • Check if the furniture needs major restoration or slight repairs like just painting and dusting. Make sure not to waste money and time on restoring furniture which does not require much recovery.
  • Concentrate on the restoration of the furniture than to refinish it.

Tools needed to restore the antique furniture:

The tools which are necessary to restore the antique furniture are:

  • Goggles: To protect your eyes while handling the wood.
  • Cloth Gloves: Cloth gloves protect your hands from varnish and paint.
  • Metal Scrapper: To scrape off the old shade and dust.
  • Brushes: You might need a few brushes for Painting the furniture, cleaning off the dust and other chaff.
  • Screws: If you had any lost fixing in the furniture then you can use screws to fix the furniture.
  • Glue: Parts for which screws do not fix, glue can be utilized to stack the wood.

Steps to restore antique furniture:

Step-1: The first step to repairing the furniture is to wash off the furniture with soap water so that the old paint, dust and other materials sticking to the old furniture will wash out.

Step-2: If water does not help then try to scrape the wood with paste stripper; this is used to remove the paint without damaging the wood of the furniture.

Step-3: After removing the paint, slightly brush off the remaining dust and smoothen the furniture.

Step-4: If you feel that the furniture is slightly broken and needs mending then with some screws and glue you can fix the furniture.

Step-5: Give a final touch by repainting the furniture and leave it to dry completely.

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