Pepperfry – Super Heroes of Furniture


Pepperfry is India’s leading online destination for home and office furniture. They call themselves the ‘Super Heroes of Furniture’.  Pepperfry is the first Indian Online platform to sell furniture and other wooden ancillaries. The aim of the duo is to enhance the Indian families to make them the proud owners of deluxe furniture sets. Pepperfry had to cross a lot of ordeals to get to the position that it has reached today. Despite all odds, they have managed to reach one of the top positions in the Indian Market and gradually among the top 10 in the global platform.


Best Features of Pepperfry:

One of the biggest advantages of Pepperfry is that they provide ‘Cash on Delivery’ option while most of the similar sites provide other payment methods apart from cash on delivery.

Pepperfry has a cool range of products. Consumers get to from pick one from decent number of options

Unlike the other e-commerce platforms that exclusively sell furniture and related products, Pepperfry

Pepperfry is the best place to look for simple and ordinary furniture that would fit into any environment.

Though we are happy about what Pepperfry is doing, there are few issues that Pepperfry should take care of without any delay.

What Should Pepperfry change?

The first among them is delivery issues. Prompt delivery is one thing that consumers easily fall for. After the quality of your product, the next thing that immediately comes in is the date of delivery. Nothing can impress a consumer more than the product reaching the doorstep on or before the promised date. You can rest assured that this customer is going to get back to you again and again.

Pepperfry should have an eye on the pricing issues as well. Though they cannot stay way behind in pricing the products they should learn to design a price strategy where you earn and your consumers still save.

Other e-commerce sites like Urban Ladder and Afydecor are giving a very tough competition. So Pepperfry should stand away from the crowd and do something that makes them unique.

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