Growing Your Own Apartment Garden

A big false impression shared by many people is that living in an apartment makes having a garden impossible. If you live in an apartment, you’ll be happy to learn that this is a mistaken belief and there is no truth to it. Even if your space is extremely limited, there are options for people who want to grow and tend to their own plants and flowers. If you check out container gardening, you’ll see just how possible this is. OK, where do you begin if you want a nice garden and you live in a small apartment? What procedure should you be following, so your apartment garden is a huge success? We’ll discuss some tips and strategies to start you off on the right foot.

Evaluate Available Space

First, you must realistically evaluate how much room you have for a garden and what you want to do in that particular space. You could decide, for instance, to turn your dining room table into a garden area like a lot of people do. Is your dining room table really expendable? Be thoroughly honest with yourself when you consider this option. You can still grow a thriving garden in a tiny amount of space but you need to be realistic about what that space can actually handle.

Choose Containers Wisely

You have to choose your containers wisely, also, and be sure they are roomy enough for your plant’s growth. Don’t fall into the trap of only buying small containers because your space is limited. This is not the best thing to do, though. You need to pick containers or pots that are somewhat larger. You’ll be giving your plants a head start on rooting, and then flourishing. Containers that are too small cramp the root space of the plants and this causes them to grow weak.

Square foot gardening is something you should look into. By using square foot gardening, you rely on compost to establish an organic garden. This is a good strategy for a couple of reasons. The biggest benefit is that you will be able to grow an organic garden in a small space. With a small compost tumbler or kitchen compost system (Bokashi) you can make, and use, your own compost from your kitchen scraps. There are small compost systems, even compost tumblers, that can be put on a patio or balcony. The smallest one you can find will be perfect because you really won’t need a lot of compost. You are also helping the environment by composting your kitchen waste instead of filling up the local landfill.

Do Your Research First

Many options exist for someone who wants to enjoy a garden, but who is stuck in a apartment or small living quarters with no yard. You won’t be able to convince everyone of this, of course, however true it might be. Just because you don’t have a yard doesn’t mean that you can’t ever grow plants of your own. Whatever places you have available where a pot or container will fit is a great place to put a plant. You are only limited by your creativity. These ideas and tips should motivate you to start on your container garden. Go online – or visit your local bookstore – to discover more information and ideas. If you read our tips, listen to what the experts in your nursery tell you, and do some independent research, you’ll be off to a flying start having your very own container garden.